About Me

My name is Birendra Kathariya. Currently, I am pursuing PhD. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). I completed my masters' degree from the same university. I work as a Research Assistant in Multimedia Computing and Communication Lab under the supervision of Professor Zhu Li. My research mostly focuses on multimedia compression and processing.

I received my bachelor degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Nepal Engineering college, Bhaktapur, Nepal. I majored in Electronics and Communication Engineering.


Point Cloud Compression

Deep Learning Model Compression


[1] Birendra Kathariya, Li Li, Zhu Li, Jose Alvarez, Jianle Chen, “Scalable Point Cloud Geometry Coding with Binary Tree Embedded Quadtree”, ICME, July 2018 [Paper](accepted)

[2] Birendra Kathariya, Li Li, Zhu Li, Jose R. Alvarez, “Lossless Dynamic Point Cloud Geometry Compression with Inter Compensation and Travelling Salesman Prediction”, DCC, March 2018 [Paper]

[3] Birendra Kathariya, Ainala Karthik, Zhu Li, Rajan Joshi, “Embedded binary tree for dynamic point cloud geometry compression”, VCIP, December 2017 [Paper]

[4] Karthik Ainala, Rufael N. Mekuria, Birendra Kathariya, Zhu Li, Te-Kui Wang, Rajan Joshi, “An improved enhancement layer for octree based point cloud compression with plane projection approximation”, SPIE September 2016 [Paper]